The Quantum Skills Training Programme for Coaches

The programme guides you in acquiring an in-depth understanding of this unique coaching approach that works in a new dimension and teaches a skill-set that will take your practice to the next level.  It reflects the current movement towards a more energy-based world-view, which is becoming increasingly evident in the helping professions today.  Because it is able to help resolve deep-veined personal issues painlessly and with ease, it helps to bridge the gap between coaching and therapy which many coaches find troublesome and confusing.

I assume that you already have a good working knowledge of standard coaching techniques so we do not cover these.

Becoming a certified pracitioner of the Quantum Skills means that I will certify your completion of the training and I will be happy to refer you to clients seeking this form of coaching.  Although designed primarily for coaches, the Quantum Skills certification programme is equally relevant for individuals in any type of consulting, faciltation, influencing or enabling role.

By the end of the programme you will:

  • Have learned to use a wide range of tools and techniques to provide transformational coaching for your clients
  • Understand concepts embedded in quantum physics to be able to work ‘energetically’ with emotions
  • Be able to communicate with the body-mind
  • Be confident in the toolkit and allow yourself to ‘get out of the way’ and be guided by the process
  • Understand how to work with energetic principles to operate your business and attract more clients

There are two options available for attaining certification.

  1. Attending a training workshop.
  2. Through participating in an individual coaching and training programme via telephone or skype.

Option 1:  Workshop

This training option, which is appropriate for  coaches, consultants, therapists, facilitators and enablers of all kinds, consists of a one-day followed by a two-day workshop.

These training events are held regularly in the south west of France and from time to time elsewhere in the world as requested or organised by coaching associations or by  trainees themselves.  If you are interested in attending a workshop or hosting one yourself in an country other than France,  then please email us at:  and we will be delighted to discuss this with you.


Introduction to Quantum Skills          Practising Quantum Skills

Cost:  £80                                                             Cost £150

18 February                                                            24-25 February

15 April                                                                  21-22  April

17 June                                                                  23-24 June

19 August                                                               25-26 August

14 October                                                             20-21 October

The one-day Introduction to Quantum Skills will include basic theory, demonstrations, exercises and at least one full practice session in which you will experience coaching and being coached using the quantum skills tools.

The two-day Practising Quantum Skills will include in-depth theory, demonstrations, exercises and three or four full practice sessions as above, so that you will feel competent to use these tools in a variety of situations.

Workshop numbers are limited to 12 to ensure individual attention and maximum benefit from practical sessions.

These workshops will be held in English, in the lovely south west of France the nearest airports being: Perpignan (20mins),  Toulouse (2 hours),  Carcassonne (1 hour) or Beziers (45 minutes).   The course fee includes all refreshments and lunch and accommodation can be booked in local guest houses.

Being close to both the Pyrennees and Corbière mountain ranges as well as ten minutes from the Mediterranean, you may choose to extend your stay a little and visit this glorious area.

If you are interested in attending one of these training courses, please email us for further details at:

Option 2:  Individual Coaching and Training Programme

Step-by-step, this package which runs over five months via one-to-one telephone or skype coaching sessions, supports you in learning the skills and acquiring confidence in your mastery of the process in the following ways:

  • Giving you a personal experience of the power of the process from the inside out and learning the skills as they apply directly to your own personal issues
  • Receiving supervision in the application of the tool-kit as you practise it with others.

In addition to the objectives already described above, by the end of this programme you will:

  • Feel confident in creating a healthy, clear space for your clients and of not compromising the quality of your work by having your own ‘buttons pushed’
  • Be feeling the benefits of the energetic approach which virtually assure a sense of peace about any deep-veined issues of your own that may have been resistant to past coaching or self-coaching
  • Benefit from the coaching and learning process to achieve your own personal goals and take your coaching skills to a new level

In addition to the one-to-one sessions (see below), you will also be offered the following to maximise the learning from the programme:

  • A free copy of the e-book version of my book Quantum Skills for Coaches.
  • A free copy of my four hour instructional DVD that includes real coaching sessions using the techniques
  • Recordings of each of our sessions sent to you on CDs.

You will receive ten ninety-minute coaching sessions, by telephone or skype, which will cover:

  1. Resolving the confusion about the difference between coaching and therapy
  2. Exploring and resolving any lingering personal issues that persistently interfere with your private and professional life using the same coaching toolkit that you will learn to use in coaching your clients
  3. Using your personal experience of being coached in this way to ‘observe yourself within the process’ and gain valuable insights into how your clients will respond to this coaching approach
  4. Listening to and studying recordings of these one-to-one sessions in order to fully explore and maximize the value of each session as a learning tool.
  5. Learning key tenets of quantum physics and the way they relate to the human condition
  6. Learning a set of specific skills and techniques based upon these concepts including: developing deeper intuition, listening to the hidden story, discovering the awareness muscle, metaphorical journeying, the wisdom of the body-mind, emotional awareness, energetic awareness and working with metaphor.
  7. Practising this toolkit with your volunteer friends and family members and analysing relevant details of these sessions (either recorded or from your own notes) in order to take full advantage of the learning they offer you
  8. In-depth answers to all questions that you have about working with this process.

It is not a prerequisite to have read my book Quantum Skills for Coaches, but if you have done so then we will be able to work at an accelerated level and you will gain more from the programme.

The ten telephone or skype sessions are scheduled fortnightly over 20 weeks (approx. five months) giving you time to schedule practice sessions.

Investment: This will be an investment in your future business and the price is £500.

Full Support Package:

In addition to the above, you will receive email and telephone support over five months for a total investment of £700.