Quantum Skills For Coaches


What has quantum physics got to do with coaching skills?

The philosophy of quantum physics may not have an immediate or obvious connection to the toolkit required by an experienced leadership coach, but Annette Simmons’ book and DVD demonstrate their interconnectedness in a pioneering tour de force that will help revolutionise professional practice.

Through linking scientific tenets with traditional coaching techniques and establishing the impact quantum physics has on all our lives, Quantum Skills for Coaches offers practitioners simple and powerful techniques to enhance the personal and leadership potential of clients and transform their general well-being.

What are the quantum skills for coaches?

The book and the DVD explain to coaches how to show their clients the effect of quantum physics on all our lives in ways that are easily understood and practically applicable.

These include how modern science explains:

  • How clients can create their reality through visualisation and why it works
  • The interconnectedness of all things and why it is essential for leaders to understand this.
  • Emotional intelligence and the purpose of human emotions
  • Why personal choice and intent are so powerful
  • Why it is so vital to be in the present moment
  • How clients can step almost instantly into their full personal power

Coaches will explore in depth and learn how to work with concepts such as:

  • The energetic nature of all things and the ‘quantum soup’
  • How we physically become the thoughts we think and the words we use
  • How to use metaphorical journeying in exploring the client’s issues
  • Understanding how to communicate with the body/mind to reveal the source of the blocks and problems and to resolve them
  • Literally dissolving troublesome emotions.

Many of these ideas may be familiar to coaches particularly if they already use kinesiology, psychodrama, visualisation, Transactional Analysis, CBT, Reiki or NLP. The Quantum Skills process enables coaches to take these tools and present them to their clients in a way that is astonishing, immediate and simple.

Do they really work?

Based on many years of work with often tough and sceptical executives and industry leaders, Annette’s coaching methodology has an impressive track record of proven success in the results-orientated, competitive, evidence-based and cynical world of business.

‘This was the most effective personal “intervention” I have ever had,’

says one senior leader, while another comments,

I expected to identify a few behavioural ploys to improve my relationship with the team and ended up deep in my core values.’

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