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  • COACHING PROGRAMMES for individuals and leaders using the quantum skills process.   For more details click on’Training’ or ‘Contact Us’.
  • COACHING /TRAINING PROGRAMMES for coaches, where you can experience being coached using the quantum skills process whilst receiving individual training in learning the skills for yourself. For further details about this unique coaching/training programme where you learn the skills from within the process click on ‘Training’ or ‘Contact Us’.
  • WORKSHOPS for coaches who want to learn the quantum skills to develop their own coaching practice.  For more details see ‘Training’ or ‘Contact Us’.
  • QUANTUM SKILLS FOR COACHES – THE BOOK or DVD Click ‘Shop’ or the ‘Buy the Book or DVD’ button.

Comments from other leaders in the fields of coaching and body-mind practice.

“Annette’s holistic approach to coaching is an elegant blend of inspiration and practicality.  A must-have toolkit for all experienced coaches looking for the next stage in the development of their coaching practice.”

Vicki Espin, Director, CECO Limited and author of Training Journal’s 2008 Best Coaching Programme of the Year. (Click here for information about CECO Limited : www.cecoach.com)

“This is an important contribution to the development and evolution of the field of coaching and I invite you to try out her tools for yourself, and for your clients, because they really do work.”

Dr Mark Atkinson, author of “The Mind-Body Bible” and “Holistic Health Secretsfor Women” and founder of the Academy of Human Potential.  (Click here for information about Dr Mark Atkinson: www.drmarkatkinson.com)

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